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Do you love tundras? Well, tundras love you.

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I felt like drawing a Tundra tonight and hey presto pre-blindness Jotunheim who was a bit of a hardass and a mountain of muscles where Tundras are concerned.

As much as I love these cute fuzzbutts, I always like a reminder that they can be pretty intimidating if they want to, like this testosterone-fueld antler’d Fu Dog in his “Motherfucker you try that again homie I will fucking shank you" display.

Then you have to also remember that they are the //hardiest// dragon species and are in possession of a sense of smell so strong they can track you for days over any terrain until you finally exhaust yourself.

There’s no hiding from a pissed-off Tundra hell-bent on ripping you a new one. 

I prefer to imagine them with ‘antler’ horns instead of the weird fin protrusions they have (Which is basically antler horns facing downwards) which they may or may not use in battle, and like certain species of deer, they sport fangs despite a vegetarian diet and claws for digging out roots and tubers during winter months. 

Oh, and if anyone would like a template of this to do their own buff Tundramale, I’m offering it up for free because Tundras ouob. 
Just remember to credit!

Welcome back, curious minds! Beverly Fluff the Science Puff is here for another exciting romp through the skies of learning. Today, our goal is to examine (and listen to) the Wind egg.

Without further ado, let us dive right in!

The Egg
The outward pattern, so unlike that of other eggs (save perhaps for Shadow eggs — but we shall come to those later), has baffled many oologists for ages. Recent data suggests the patterns displayed upon Wind eggs are unique to each egg. That is to say: no two Wind eggs are quite the same. Further exploration in the Reedcliff Ascent has shown that Wind eggs produce flute-like sounds when exposed to high winds. Furthermore, we can say that, just as no two Wind eggs look alike, neither do they sound alike, for each Wind egg produces a different tune upon exposure to wind. It is thought that the uniqueness of the Wind egg sound and appearance is to aid parents in determining which egg(s) are which in communal nests.

The Wind egg has also been reported to move on its own accord when presented with external audio stimuli. The precise mechanism of this movement is not yet known, though it appears to be made possible (at least in part) by the Wind egg’s naturally soft and flexible shell.

It is a commonly held belief in much of the Windswept Plateau that the sound the eggs produce are the Windsinger’s favourite song - but this researcher has yet to record anything to support such claims. See chart below for possible details.

Figure 1. Types of sounds recorded from around sample eggs in their percentile relatives.

The Nest
Responsible parents of the Windswept Plateau do their best to find a suitably flat location to serve as their nesting area. However, in Wind territory this is not an easy feat to accomplish, and so many parents choose to fortify nests of uneven ground with sturdy bamboo skewers and strategically-placed mounds of dirt and grass. Over successive generations, this pattern of nest-building has been expanded and refined, and many modern parents may also be observed draping wind chimes, simple wind instruments, and collections of unused metallic objects to produce wind-driven musical accompaniments for their eggs. 

Despite effort on the part of the parents to ensure the safety of their eggs, accidents do happen. It is here that the true purpose of the Wind egg’s soft, flexible shell is found, for Wind eggs dropped from great heights are seldom found broken. Indeed, some parents report that an egg which has, at one point or another, tumbled gaily downhill often produces a more lively and spirited hatchling than more stationary eggs. 

Figure 2. As you can see, the Wind egg is troubled not at all by falling from any height. 

Final Note
Upstanding members of the dragon community that encounter a Wind egg in the wild - while encouraged to adopt the musical ovoid - should not be alarmed. Wind eggs, like their hatched kind, are prone to ramble. The new adoptive parent(s) are advised by this researcher to keep an extra eye on their foundling young and perhaps go as far as to build it a little enclosure, perhaps using shoots of bamboo. Assistant tundra reports that dancing with the egg and singing to it (ballads, apparently, work best) will provide hours of enrichment and entertainment for both you and the egg. While such exercises are likely superfluous when it comes securing the comfort of the egg and eventual hatchling, it clearly won’t be injurious. It’s certainly better than leaving it flapping in the breeze.


…I am…

So utterly weak.

Then again, I had all those free spaces and I suppose I had to fill them with something, riiight?


Rivka has made her way into the Clan and is one really pretty girl. I actually kind of dig that slightly purple-ish tone that the Slate gets with Shimmer. Matches her eyes! *__* (And I can totally use my Shadow apparel now—it actually suites her very well as well, dang.) She’s Swamp/Slate/Slate, so she’s definitely getting Underbelly when I scrape up the rest of the treasure for it.

…so weeeak. But I had toooo. SHE LOOKED SO LONELY IN THE AH, I HAD TOOO.


/whispers Swamp.


Hot damn that looks good. *__*


Practicing tundras for reasons. I keep forgetting how skinny their torsos are!


I have a problem


Is this Fluff Rising?


For StaringPanda

Tundra fluff is really fun :D



To find a dragon as absurd as Fitzcairn is to simply find Fitzcairn’s reflection in a mirror or puddle.  He’s a silly, womanizing fop with an unmatched taste for melodrama and accidentally excellent comedic timing.

Fitz is an incorrigible flirt around any and all dragons of the female persuasion.  What makes him popular, contrary to his own opinion, is not his rakish charm or dashing good looks.  The females who accept his ridiculous, hilarious advances do so because he makes them laugh.

Despite his tomfoolery, Fitz is tougher than he looks.  The harmlessness is a false front when he can’t joke his way out of hostile confrontation.  He and Duncan aren’t quite equal warriors, but Fitz likes to think he can hold his own.

He and Duncan have been best friends (and rivals) for a very long time.  They’ve traveled together, learned to read together, and squabbled over pretty females while at the same time watching each other’s backs.

There are times when Fitz would like to cut and run, but there’s something about his Guardian friend that just won’t let him abandon him, no matter how bad things look like they’re about to get.

Fandom dragon ahoy!  I mentioned Fitzcairn back when I did Ankaa’s bio.  And I offered bonus points to anyone who could name the fandom (nobody tried).  I grew up watching Highlander: The Series, and my mother and I have been recently re-re-watching it together to construct a timeline of sorts.  Fitz is one of the most hilarious recurring Immortals in the series, and I thought if he was a Flight Rising dragon, he’d be a Tundra.  They’re adorable, plus the males have that fluffy mane just like Roger Daltry did playing the Immortal Fitz on the show.  Now, despite how ridiculous and absurd Fitz is, he’s also portrayed as being a rather successful womanizer, which made me stop and think about what women would find attractive in a man who’s not bad-looking, but not classically handsome either, who is, quite frankly, absurd, and…ah.  Aha.  Then I understood.  He makes them laugh.  And sometimes, really, finding someone who makes you really, truly laugh is important.  All the physical beauty in the world doesn’t mean much if your partner can’t or won’t cheer you up on a really shitty day or if they can’t take your mind off of an anxiety attack.  Hence Fitz-the-Tundra being surprisingly successful with the females despite his ridiculous foppishness, and why Ankaa sticks with him even knowing that Fitz and fidelity are antonyms.

I also have a Duncan-dragon, who features in Fitz’s bio.  All that really remains is to train them both up as coliseum warriors and, oh, yeah, put Duncan up here.  My Highlander dragons are almost a separate clan within my clan.  Interconnected biographies and all.

Movement of ground! Free floating of fluff! Tundra know what land this is! Is home of Arcanist and probably ancestral home of all that is pink! So excitement! Tundra hop on to free floating crystal and travel in style all way to illustrious Lair of Pyramidia!

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Speaking of fluff…

Mags grew up today.

And suddenly all regrets about buying her are gone.