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All tundras are handsome.

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This is my first time making an accent and I was wondering if I could get a little bit of criticism on this one (which honestly I designed with the Trickmurk Circus in mind but considering the way things are picked, it would probably never get a chance no matter how much I improved it).  

Anyway……. yeah.  Criticism please?  The pattern is dominoes, in case it was hard to tell.  It feels like it’s a little flat, but…. if I shade the dominoes themselves it might look weird or too busy…… thanks in advance!

(and I hope this blog is an okay way to ask for help with this!)

Hello! This is certainly a fine venue to ask for help. We love to help! We’ll do our best to offer useful feedback. We also invite our followers to chime in at will, as well!

The accent is certainly interesting! The pattern does look a little flat, however — particularly in conjunction with the natural lineart of the tundra itself, which doesn’t wholly lend itself well to patterns. The curve of the tundra’s tummy in particular creates an illusion of flat pattern that is difficult to work around at times.

The dominoes are a little difficult to read as it currently is. At first blush, it looks a bit more like dice than dominoes — it’s difficult to tell which squares go with each other, and how the number dots fit together. Perhaps the dominoes could go in alternating black/white, to help them be distinguished from one another?

Have you tried shading the dominoes and making them a bit more 3D? It might not turn out as busy as you fear! The dominoes could probably do with a little touch-up to make them pop. Maybe a touch of lacquer finish effect to make them look almost like real dominoes?

We hope this feedback is helpful, and wish you the best of luck with your accent endeavours! More tundra accents are always good.

- HT Mods

Anonymous Asked:
tundra! it's too hot out. how do you make do in this sweltering heat?

My answer:

Tundra likes to put tundra paws into cool shallow water! Sometimes tundra put rest of tundra into cool water as well. Much refreshment!

Tundra knows that it is important to stay hydrated when the heat is on so tundra also drink many waters. By which tundra mean tundra eats many ice.

Tundra hope tundra is not alone to find humour in the notion that this is one time of year when shade is friend and not foe!


Harvest, a headshot for Bo, for being such an awesome person (and for getting me a Coatl several weeks ago). 


Hhheeeeeey I drew my Flight Rising dragons!
Or rather all my adult ones, I also currently have three hatchlings.

Only Kimaris has her outfit all together right now, everyone else’s are more or less (mostly more) a work in progress because I just haven’t had the money to buy all the apparel I want, hah.

I really like ridgebacks. (Counting the hatchlings, four of my dragons are ridges.)



PHEW that was something. FINALLY drew some proper refs. For things.

(for these be some o’ my drags from flight rising that we are legally obligated to tell you now. wuh)






idk, i just can’t get over how cute this fluffbutt is



Female tundras are 10,000X cuter when you realize they have little punk rock Mohawks.
Any newbie noodles (or anyone, really) want doodles of their dragons? (those won’t be on lined paper)

ah. registration.




specsthespectraldragon Asked:
I got some very bad news, and I need tundra hugs.

My answer:

Oh, no! Come into tundra fluff at once. Tundra have very many hugs saved up just for friend. Tundra love you very much, and wish only for the best for you.

Tundra know it will be okay.


This handsome rainbow gentleman’s parents were sent off to fight the Shade because I thought he was prettier than them.

And I was right.