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All tundras are handsome.

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My tundra, Alba! And a reminder that I’m open for commissions.


I love bards — and look how perfectly this set matches Anders. (Even his eyes!) I had to do it!


im in love with tundras ´ u ` 


I feel like clanraire would appreciate how much flower apparel Noura is wearing. Still needs a flowerfall - I’m thinking daisy maybe. We need more flower apparel. I want wing garlands and sashes and bracelets and idk tail wraps or something. 

Her story is really cute because as a hatchling she would follow Oren around in the woods when he went to collect herbs. She couldn’t figure out why he wanted the plain green things, though, and kept bringing him pretty flowers. He would laugh and put them in his satchels with the other things, never telling her off for it. As she grew older she realized the importance of the herbs and became his apprentice. So she still follows him around in the woods to collect things, but she still secretly prefers flowers. 


LOOK who completely gened his progen. check out that green tummy: beautiful. iri shim wouldve been nice but i could never afford that


Rysain brought a gift back to her Tundra. Very tiny story moment and extra headcanon-y goodness below.

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Some dragons just weren’t meant to live in the flight they came from. Aylin here is actually a wind dragon!


I still can’t get over Oliver. I just can’t. I bought him as a coatl specifically because I thought his colors would look nice with that accent, and just…now he’s my most favorite boy tundra in my lair. ;w;


Quickie of my tundra girl, Kalea


It is extremely late and I kinda wanted to draw a tundra so see how they’d end up coming out in my style but I also didn’t feel like looking one up to begin with, so kinda drawing from memory and idk SPECULATIVE TUNDRA HEAD???