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All tundras are handsome.

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Flight Rising Dragon Portraits I.I
Flight Rising | Various Characters | Illustration

A collection of “Dragon Portrait” commissions taken at Flight Rising!

1.) JCStitches - Cupid the Tundra
2.) Empyrisan - Ebiasaph the Spiral
3.) Benalene - Mheras the Tundra
4.) Vaylise - Ninja the Fae
5.) Sylvarant - Sephiroth the Imperial

If you’re interested in one of these, you can check here for details!


No, but really, I am so proud of this pair. Look at their perfection and despair.

Except, don’t despair, they really are breeding again in four days.


Aspen was introduced to the clan in haste, an expensive young dragon to send for, but he was trained with special skills they needed.
You see, there are decidedly more shrubs, vines and flowers than there are actual trees in the Earth clan of Khuleborough.
They’re rather difficult to grow underground.

But now that they have an Arborist, he can work his Nature flight magic and shape the trees however needed to grow in their subterranean environment, training their branches to wind around the skylights and tunnel entries for their much needed light.


Lovely draw of whiteout done by snowy on flight rising or inkdops on tumblr

go comission them!

Hello, friends! It is that time again — the time to call for artists, that is!

Handsome Tundras will be celebrating its one year anniversary in October. Part of our celebration will, of course, include giveaways! If you are an artist and would like to contribute art as prizes for this upcoming giveaway, please either send us an ask here on Tumblr or a PM on Flight Rising (Humboldt or Rifter) and let us know! (Note: If contacting us outside of FR, please include your username and ID so we can find you!)

Here is some more information it may be valuable to know before making your decision:

  • Giveaways will take place on October 10-12 (Fri-Sat)
  • Winners will be drawn early on Monday, October 13 and their names and pertinent information delivered to you before rollover the very same day
  • You will be compensated for your art! We can offer FR treasure, gems, and/or items in any combination in return for your services


Tropius from whitesparrow’s clan! One of my favorite Tundras too.



Goldenglanz’ entire body is warmer than awerage because of her colours and because she loves to cuddle with the children of the lair to keep them warm, especially the adopted hatchlings, who might feel lonely.


Arabutan my tundra dragon from FR! 


Project status: COMPLETE. Aloysius “Owly” Hatfluff tundra achieved.


Whizz for Luunai@FR